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Evaluation version
Relative Forensics is able to make available a cut down version of the toolkit for initial evaluation purposes. This version allows you to explore some of the core functionality available in the toolkit, but does not allow you to add to or alter the example data. It will however allow you to explore the results of the analysis as well as examine/compare profiles and generate reports.

To access the evaluation version click on the launch button.


Technical requirements and Launching the toolkit

  • The toolkit requires Java to launch. If this is not installed on your machine it will be automatically downloaded.
  • The toolkit runs remotely, but connects to Relative Forensics servers. If you have a restricted network which blocks your machine making external connections then you will not be able to use the toolkit. Your network administrator maybe able to help.
  • As the toolkit is loaded you will be asked to login with the access details you have been sent. Depending on your setup, you may be asked to login twice. If you don’t have access details you can request them here
  • When the toolkit first connects to the Relative Forensics servers you may first be prompted to give permission for this to go ahead. The toolkit runs in its own ‘bubble’ and for security purposes you will be always asked to give permission for any activities which involving your network or your local file system (for example, if you want to save a report to your desktop).
  • The toolkit comes with an End User Licence Agreement. You will need to indicate that you accept the agreement before you can use the toolkit.

If you still have problems launching the toolkit drop an email to


Trial version
For law enforcement, government agencies and other related organisations Relative Forensics is able to provide access to a full version of the toolkit that allows users to upload data for analysis.

Specifically this version:

  • Allows you to upload and analyse digital content including chat logs, forums, Word documents and CSV files
  • Allows you to import and analyse email from a variety of email servers (IMAP, POP3, gmail, hotmail, etc). Email conversations can be automatically threaded together.
  • Allows you to create and store new profiles for personas and individuals, and analyse them.

Requests for trials are dealt with on a case by case basis. If you are interested in pursuing a trial please contact us to discuss your requirements at

It should be noted that by default trials are carried out in a similar remote access fashion, so this would mean your data would leave your network and be stored on Relative Forensics servers. If this is problematic we can also arrange onsite trials where the analysis server is also provided, but this will be done at cost.


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