Law Enforcement
Relative Forensics’ law enforcement solutions help combat child exploitation, counter terrorism, fraud and other serious crimes. With solutions from lightweight toolkits to bespoke implementations, Relative Forensics works with global law enforcement agencies to provide rapid investigation and proactive capability, bringing significant cost savings and allowing agencies to more efficiently focus their resources.

The Online Investigation Toolkit is our core law enforcement product and supports the mass analysis and profiling of digital content that is collected as part of an investigation.

Security Solutions
Using the same law enforcement grade technology, Relative Forensics works with organisations to provide bespoke solutions to help rapidly identify, analyse and react to potential security risks. Relative Forensics technologies can analyse the digital data produced as part of an organisations operation and help identify data leakage, insider threats, occurrences of social engineering, as well as facilitate internal investigations.

Mobile Solutions
Relative Forensics’ analysis technology can be integrated with mobile devices. This can help the user analyse online content and interactions (for example, for the purposes of child online safety), or help 3rd parties gain insights into online mobile interaction patterns for advertising purposes. Relative Forensics solutions can run directly on the mobile device or be accessed remotely.

API Services
Relative Forensics provides its capabilities to customers and partners through API services, allowing the power of our technology to be rapidly integrated.


We offer a range of solutions, these include:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Large Company Solutions
  • API Services

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