Relative Forensics’ law enforcement solutions help combat child exploitation, counter terrorism, fraud and other serious crimes. With solutions from lightweight toolkits to bespoke implementations, Relative Forensics works with global law enforcement agencies to provide rapid investigation and proactive capability, bringing significant cost savings and allowing agencies to more efficiently focus their resources.

The Online Investigation Toolkit is our core law enforcement product and supports the mass analysis and profiling of digital content that is collected as part of an investigation. Some of its underlying technologies are featured in a recent article in the prestigious international computing magazine IEEE Computer.

The toolkit’s powerful analysis capabilities mean that it can be applied to any kind of investigation where online content needs to be analysed – be it emails, instant messenger chat, forums, Facebook/Twitter or websites.

Key toolkit features:

  • Domain independent. The toolkit can be used to help investigations of online child abuse, counter terrorism, fraud, or any other illegal activities that have an online element. Domain focused versions are also available (for example, the CEIT).
  • Saves vital investigative resources. Chat logs and other digital interactions that previously took weeks to analyse now only take a matter of minutes, allowing for more efficient use of resources and speeding up the investigative process.
  • Flexible data extraction. The toolkit can import and analyse CSV files, chat logs, web pages, text and Word documents, as well as download content from Facebook, Twitter and email servers. Email conversations can be threaded together with duplication removed. The toolkit also supports real time data collection, for example to support under cover activities.
  • Content and Risk analysis. Quickly determine who are the participants within an interaction, their online/offline activity, who’s a victim or a suspect, the content of the interaction, person/place names, dates/times, emails/phone numbers, etc. Content analysis can also be performed over a time period to help identify trends or the emergence of new threats.
  • Profiling. Automatically build profiles of individuals based on their communications. Identify their language characteristics (words and phrases they tend to use, what they may discuss, etc), when they are typically online during the day/week, automatically make inferences about characteristics such as their age and gender.
  • Profile comparison. Built profiles can be stored and used for comparison. These can be used, example, to determine if two online personas are actually the same individual, or if a known individual is re-offending. Automatic clustering allows groups of personas with similar interests, language use, etc, to be quickly identified.
  • Based on cutting edge research. The Online Investigation Toolkit utilises Isis Forensics Interaction Analysis engine, that is based on decades of cutting edge academic research, has featured in leading academic publications and reported on in the international press.


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